Grilling While Armed

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GRILLING WHILE ARMED-The Top 20 Recipes: How to get off the gas and become your neighborhood BBQ pit boss in one day, by Mark Walters and George “The Mad Ogre” Hill.
Have Mark send you a personalized signed copy of the much anticipated and critically acclaimed book, Grilling While Armed, The Top 20 Recipes, How to get off the gas and become your neighborhood BBQ pit boss in one day!
Mark and George nail it with this much anticipated, highly rated, and beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind cookbook pairing Mark’s greatest and favorite BBQ smoker recipes with firearm expert, George “The Mad Ogre” Hill’s favorite gun to strap on your hip while you smoke up the hood! With the foreword by legendary smoker manufacturer, Ben C. Lang of Lang BBQ Cookers, you’ll be the hit of the neighborhood and learn to get off the gas and cook over real wood and coals in ONE DAY! Makes a perfect gift for that liberal gas-grilling, gun-grabber in the family!

1 review for Grilling While Armed

  1. “The JJ”

    Where do I start? The very best crafted cookbook I’ve ever laid eyes upon. And that theme!! I couldn’t put it down after my first read. Mark and George hit a home run with this. The photography is superb, the recipes are just outstanding, something for everyone. The pairings of the guns/knives with the dishes are just outstanding. I’ve tried a couple of the recipes and they are mouth watering. Gotta control my urge to go out and buy some of those firearms/knives. I have ordered additional books to give as gifts. Oh and did I mention that a portion of revenue from sales goes towards protecting our 2nd amendment rights? Highly Recommended.

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