AAR Indigo High Quality T’s


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AAR Indigo Soft Tees are the softest 100% cotton tees available. Hand crafted for longevity and designed to last longer than those cheap shirts, AAR’s Indigo Tees are hand crafted in the USA from 100% American grown Pima Cotton ensuring the highest quality, American jobs, and NO sweat shops. Wear this AAR SWAG with American PRIDE!
Available in Oyster Grey, Blue Sky and White
Available sizes, M,L,XL and XXL and XXXL
(Add $2.00 XXL, $3.00 XXXL)
Front Logo only, M, L, XL, $24.95 Plus Shipping.
XXL, $26.95,
XXXL, $27.95 Plus Shipping
Front and Back Logo, M, L, XL, $29.95 Plus Shipping
XXL, $31.99 Plus Shipping
XXXL $32.99 Plus Shipping

Blue Sky, Oyster Grey, White


Medium, Large, Extra Large, XX Large, XXX Large


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