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Feel Sorry For The Fools

By Mark Walters On January 11, 2017

Feel Sorry For the Fools


Is there ever a downside to allowing a human being to be able to defend him/herself wherever they might happen to be? Think about it for a moment. Take your eyes off of this column and think about it for a second. Can you find any place or any time that it might not be appropriate for a person to be able to defend themselves? I can’t come up with one location or any scenario where self-defense of life with a gun or any other tool the victim might choose to use or have access to would be inappropriate. We don’t have an actual number of lives saved when potential victims are armed, but there are countless times law-abiding citizens have used firearms to defend themselves. I’ve covered many of them on the air. In fact, I call them “happy endings,” and I just love happy endings. Heck, I’m one of them.


Oddly, some people don’t like happy endings. There are condescending, arrogant folks out there who hate you for making the very personal decision to carry a concealed firearm for self-protection. They think you are the bad guy (or soon will be) and they use the worn out, tired, old “argument” that all criminals were once “law-abiding” people, right up until the time they robbed you or murdered you or did whatever it was they did to make them criminals. To these condescending individuals, everyone who carries a firearm is a crime waiting to happen.


Remember, those folks are talking about people like you — good, decent, law-abiding citizens who have decided to carry a gun and jump through the hoops necessary in your respective states to obtain a permit. That’s something criminals don’t do. They carry their weapons anywhere they choose. They carry their guns whenever they want. They don’t need any stinking permit. They also don’t abide by state or federal gun laws. They carry guns when they rob banks; they carry guns when they rob liquor stores, little old ladies, the weak, disabled or anyone else they deem an appropriate target on any given day they choose to commit their crimes. Criminals carry concealed guns where the “authorities” have told us — the good guys — that we can’t, and in just a handful of states, that includes the non-sterile areas of airports, like Florida.


One of those haughty, arrogant individuals is a man named Daniel Ruth, a longtime columnist and sniveling elitist down in the Tampa Bay area, now writing for the Tampa Bay Times. It’s been awhile since I’ve paid him any mind. In fact, I’ve tangled with him in past email strings years ago regarding his hatred toward our right to bear arms. He recently posted a column that included some of these patronizing little gems:

“The predicate for the lawmakers’ desire to turn the ticket-counter experience into a ‘Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?’ moment is grounded in flimsy illogic.”


“But the problem with all this ‘law-abiding citizen’ palaver is it assumes those 1.7 million gun-packing Floridians are Atticus Finch meets Dirty Harry — cool and calm under pressure and always blessed with perfect aim.”


“Raburn offered up the dithering reason that 44 other states already permit guns in airport terminals. How nice for them. But Raburn forgets this is Florida — the crazy-as-a-loon capital of the world. Or consider that of all 50 states, ‘law-abiding citizen’ Santiago opted to travel from the distant reaches of the United States to Florida to stop being such a lovely ‘law-abiding citizen.’”


“That only makes sense. After all, aren’t all these gun owners ‘law-abiding citizens’? Until they’re not.”


Ruth’s disdain for law-abiding gun owners is evident. Like that lady who ran for president and lost, Ruth evidently believes that any gun owner is simply a “criminal-in-waiting.” To be fair, as far as I can tell Ruth has never wavered in his contempt for law-abiding Americans who choose to carry a firearm. He is consistent in his belief that you’re a yahoo. He doesn’t mention — or maybe he is unaware — that guns are already carried in every airport in America, thousands of times a day without incident in the baggage areas. Ruth intentionally ignores the fact that this type of event with a retrieved firearm from baggage has never happened before and he dares not mention that in every one of those 44 states, he can point to no other incident involving a legally carried concealed weapon holder causing any problems. Not one. Ever.


What struck me as funny (and always does when it comes to condescending elitists like Ruth) is that they remain silent in the face of stories of lawfully armed permit holders saving lives. One that comes to mind is the CCW permit holder who saved the Lee County Sheriff deputy’s life just weeks ago, right down the road from where he sits and types his gibberish. Yeah, he failed to mention that the deputy is alive because a lawfully armed permit holder shot and killed a man trying to murder a police officer. With pretty good aim too, I might add. He neglected to inform his readers of the estimated hundreds of incidents of “happy ending” stories occurring every day across America, where good guys and gals use guns to save their lives and the lives of others.


None of that matters to some people, Ruth included. They flat-out hate guns, your right to own them and your right to carry them for personal protection, no matter what. There is no arguing with them as they are not in possession of the mental faculties necessary to process the reality that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns and do so every day in every corner of our nation. Don’t get mad at people like that.
Feel sorry for them.

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