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Guns On Campus

By don On April 4, 2015
Gun in hip-pack.

Some things are simply impossible to comprehend. “Gun Free Zones” are a perfect example. That any reasoning person could actually believe that a sign prohibiting the carrying of weapons, whether at a government office, a school, or a private business, will somehow cause a homicidal maniac (or a garden variety armed robber) to suddenly rethink their plans is almost laughable. Yet the push for restricting the rights of gun owners, especially those of us who carry for self-defense, continues. The reason is simple. Having failed to prevent the passage of carry laws in state after state, the fallback strategy of the gun-phobic activists has evolved to enacting as many ridiculous… Read More


Cops On Edge

By don On April 4, 2015
Writing a ticket.

I have a lot of friends in law enforcement, from street cops to sheriff’s deputies. And after what can only be called the cold-blooded assassination of two New York City police officers, they are all understandably nervous. After all, imagine being a cop today—watching news footage showing mobs of unruly “protestors” chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” Such violent rhetoric not only pumps up emotion, clouding the facts of the cases involved, it also can easily lead to the kinds of violence we have recently seen. Even more disturbing is the fact that those in authority who should have been doing everything to… Read More


Dealing With Firearms Tragedy

By don On April 4, 2015
Child reaching for gun.

I am a mother of three. I have a concealed carry permit. And I choose to carry a firearm. So it was beyond difficult to read the other day about the 29-year-old mother whose life tragically ended when her young son got ahold of her firearm and discharged it while they were shopping at a Walmart in Hayden, Idaho. I’m sure you’ve heard about this terrible occurrence by now. Tragedies like this cannot be overlooked or forgotten. They leave a solid knot in your throat and an empty hollowness in your stomach. You can’t help but ask what went wrong. What did go wrong? This young mother was doing everything… Read More

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