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AAR – Redefining the Next Decade of Pro 2A Talk Radio


In a matter of days, you’ll be getting the next generation website of Armed American Radio and AAR’s Daily Defense. You’ll be able to buy Armed American Radio gear as the storefront opens soon, and you’ll get exclusive offers from our corporate partners available only to AAR listeners. The new Premium area will open soon where members will listen in on, and in some cases, participate in private phone calls between Mark and the most influential freedom fighters in America. You’ll be able to unlock extra hours of discussion every week that would never make it over the FCC, government controlled airwaves. It’s straight talk unlike anything you’ve heard before. If you’re fed-up with the attacks against our rights and want the truth about what the gun-grabbers and Socialists have in store for you, you’ve found your home. I’m excited to be moving into the next decade on-air and online with you as we fight this never-ending battle with the enemies of our freedoms.

Stay Tuned!

Mark Walters

Founder, CEO, and Host

CCW Broadcast Media LLC

The home of Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters



Gun in hip-pack.

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Guns On Campus

Some things are simply impossible to comprehend. “Gun Free Zones” are a perfect example. That any reasoning person could actually believe that a sign prohibiting the carrying of weapons, whether at a government office, a school, or a private business, will somehow cause a homicidal maniac (or a garden variety armed robber) to suddenly rethink their plans is almost laughable. Yet the push for restricting the rights of gun owners, especially those of us who carry for self-defense, continues. The reason is simple. Having failed to prevent the passage of carry laws in state after state, the fallback strategy of the gun-phobic activists has evolved to enacting as many ridiculous…

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Grilling While Armed

The long anticipated book, Grilling While Armed-The Top 20 Recipes: How to get off the gas and become your neighborhood BBQ pit boss in one day, is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon.com. Critically acclaimed, the book is beautifully designed, edited and the photo’s are jumping off of the page! George Hill and I spent years on this work with two original manuscripts scrapped until this one emerged. Want a signed copy? Email me at mark@armedamericanradio.org!

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