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Mark Walters is the loudest voice in America fighting for gun rights.

The extremely powerful voice of Mark Walters on Armed American Radio being heard in hundreds of cities across America on hundreds of radio stations is an essential part of securing victory and countering the mainstream legacy media’s lies and bias against gun owners, our rights, and our freedoms.”¬†Alan Gottlieb, Founder-The Second Amendment Foundation¬†

“Carry on, Carry Often, Carry ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE! Never leave your cave without your club. No self-respecting caveman would have ever left his cave without his club.” Mark Walters-Host

“Yeah, that’s what we need is this asshole, crazy, gun nut telling the whole world we need more people carrying guns.” Some Socialist Twitter Snowflake

“Prominent Pro-Gun Radio Host Promotes The Dangerous Practice Of Openly Carrying Firearms Where They Are Not Allowed” Recent Leftist “Media Matters” Headline¬†