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AAR – Redefining the Next Decade of Pro 2A Talk Radio

I am thrilled to be announcing BIG CHANGES coming to the radio program that redefined talk radio TEN years ago! As the founder, creator and host of these huge nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters, I am proud to announce my recent purchase of the Armed American Radio Network!

As we face the most dangerous attacks against our rights and freedoms, my company, CCW Broadcast Media LLC, with the recent acquisition of the programming is now perfectly positioned to provide a counter measure to the incredibly negative mainstream media attacks against millions of law-abiding Americans. Together, we’ll be creating and expanding a multi-pronged, multi-media empire of information bringing our corporate sponsor partners to work in unison, across every available platform. We’ll be using web, broadcast, social media, print, PR, and video. For years, listeners have been screaming for more on-air time and soon I’ll be adding special premium online content that among many other things, will include Satellite Radio Moment Word After The Show Shows that will be free from FCC government oversight of our spoken words for some fun, hard-hitting and unfiltered content. We’ll be tying everything together with these powerful national broadcasts as a cornerstone, to educate millions of Americans, anyone interested in hearing the truth, about our American birthright to bear arms.

You’re already hearing new on-air partners and there are many more to come. Together we’ll be creating and bringing you content in ways we could only dream. But achieving all of this will require YOUR help! I’ve staked everything on this and I’ll need you to support me in this process. You have MY WORD that you’ll only get the best of the best. From corporate sponsors to guest lineups and new content and your help is vital. I need you to support the partners that make it possible to bring you this information. These incredible businesses provide unparalleled products and services. It’s the only way they make it on this show and this network. If I won’t wear it, shoot it, eat it, drink it, sleep with it, etc., then you won’t hear about it in my voice and on my shows. My reputation is on the line and it’s all I’ve got!

Like me, these incredible companies and owners have staked it all and they, we, need your support. Please wear their clothes, drink their coffee, eat their foods, shoot their ammo and carry their guns, store them in their safes. You get the idea. They make all of this possible and you have my word you’ll only get the best!

Now, the sky’s the limit so sit back, relax, and get ready to hear, see, and read AAR in ways you’ve never heard before. Put your seat belt on and know that you were around when it all started! For questions or to talk directly to me, email mark@armedAmericanradio.org and remember, carry on, carry often and carry absolutely everywhere! NEVER leave your cave without your club and I’ll see YOU on the radio!

Mark Walters

Founder, CEO, and Host

Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters

CCW Broadcast Media LLC


Gun in hip-pack.

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