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Grilling While Armed! Recipe Of The Week!-SMOKED HAMBURGERS

By Mark Walters On February 9, 2015


“Talk Radio personality and avid, lifelong BBQ’er Mark Walters, host of the nationally syndicated Armed American Radio programs was talking firearms one evening with George “The MadOgre” Hill during the live national weekend radio show when the subject of cooking came up and Mark decided to give out his recipe for one of his favorite slow smoked meats.  When he finished and “out of the blue,” Mark asked George, his on-air firearm expert to pair up that recipe with a great firearm to wear on the hip while cooking it!  George took the ball and ran with it and the “Grilling While Armed” segments were born!”

A couple of things to keep in mind here.  1.  When I’m giving out recipes, it’s only fair for me to advise you that I’m cooking over open coals and/or wood.  Now I may use a wood pellet smoker from time to time however that’s wood…and smoke…and akin to cooking low and slow over an indirect fire.  Gas?  I couldn’t even tell you how to operate one of those things so if you like gas grilling (which I consider to be more like “cooking while outside”) you’ll have to figure out how to adapt the recipe to your gas cook thingy because I can’t do it for you.  Or, you could just go out to your favorite outdoor store and buy yourself a basic 22.5″ Weber kettle grill and never have to worry about it again!  What’s that, you say?  You don’t have the time for a charcoal grill?  Let me tell you something, pal.  If you don’t have 15 minutes to wait for the coals to fill your neighborhood with the smoke that makes your neighbors say, “Oh yeah baby,” then you’re just too damn important to be here and you probably don’t have the time you’re taking to read this so if I were you, I’d take my “way too important for you” self and mosey on over to another site like THIS.  2.  While I coined the term, “Grilling while Armed,” I’m using it interchangeably with BBQ’ing which is the art of low and slow cooking over indirect heat.  Grilling While Armed just had a better ring to it than BBQ’ing while armed so just deal with it.

Now go get a Weber Kettle and a Weber Smoky Mountain (WSM) smoker and you’re set for everything and anything.  To those of you pro’s who use stick burners, I have em also and more power to you.  I’m sure you’ll recognize that I’m talking to those who might not be as expert as you are and I’m also sure you’ll agree that the kettle and the WSM will cook just about anything.  All you’ll need is a few bags of Kingsford charcoal and some wood chunks…more on that later as we begin giving out recipe’s and firearm pairings.  I’ll give you some time to get set up and then be back with a recipe later this week.

Now go do it and while you wait for your recipe, head over HERE


Hamburgers and hot dogs, right?  Is there a more American fare on the grill than these two classics?  Today we focus on the hamburger.  Everyone has grilled a hamburger during their life, right?  Today we’re going to SMOKE those burgers.  Here’s a simple new twist that will take your burgers to the next level.

Let’s get started.


Prepare grill or smoker for indirect heat and heat coals and Wood/Smoker/Pellet Smoker to 225-250 degrees. Hickory, Mesquite, woods are my favorite for this recipe

Remember, I use only Texas BBQ Rubs for most of my smoked meats so I highly recommend you visit www.texasbbqrub.com to grab some of these incredible rubs.  I’ve been smoking and BBQ’ing for most of my life and have never, and I mean never found anything that beats this award winning product for all types of meats.  I’ve cooked with the TX BBQ Rub championship team at the Houston Rodeo world championships and can tell you they rank up near the top every year in the brisket category for their rubs.  Just believe me and do it please.  You will NOT regret it.  Make sure to grab the Original rub, Grand Champion rub and the Old Number 2 Brisket rubs.  For the beef back ribs I use Original or Grand Champion. Original is a tad bit sweeter and a tad bit less spicy than the Grand Champion.  Either are amazing.



Sprinkle a little bit of the Worcestershire sauce on top of the burgers and coat the top of the meat with some rub.  pat it down, don’t rub it in.  Place burgers in the fridge while you wait for smoker or grill to come to temp of 225.

Place burgers on grate over indirect heat and smoke for approx. 1-1/2 to 2 hours…you never have to flip them and for the love of all things BBQ NEVER squish them down with a spatula.  Cook to an internal temperature of 160 degrees.  These will be the juiciest burgers you’ve ever had.


Serve with your choice of sides. Enjoy!

ANY firearm goes with this dish.  Strap it on and get to cooking!


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