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Armed American Radio, the USCCA’s flagship radio show, airs live Sunday nights from 8 to 11 p.m. Eastern Time on more than 215 stations nationwide on the Salem Radio Network. Host Mark Walters brings his “no compromise” style to the air with an ever-changing line of amazing guests include gun rights advocates, firearms trainers, and conservative commentators. On the air for nearly ten years, past guests have included Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Alan Gottlieb, Alan Korwin, George Hill, Paul Markel and countless others. Listeners can also hear the show live anywhere in the world by going to www.armedamericanradio.org and clicking on the “Listen Live” button or through IHeartRadio’s podcast service.

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Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense For those who just can’t get enough Armed American Radio on Sunday nights, Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense is a one-hour show running Monday through Friday from 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern Time across the country. Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense began airing less than a year ago and has already garnered much praise and more importantly a growing list of affiliate stations in a very short time. Look for continued growth in this hot talk radio market.

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Concealed Carry Magazine is the nation’s leading publication dedicated to self-defense and the concealed carry lifestyle. This beautifully styled magazine goes out to nearly 300,000 subscribers eight times each year. Because we are not sold on newsstands every reader has made an active commitment to seek out and, more importantly, renew their subscription to this 120-page guide to every element of concealed carry. From guns and gear, to tactics, to legal issues, to insight on what it means to carry a gun every day, Concealed Carry Magazine is recognized as the national leader among the growing number of people who have made the commitment to defend their loved ones.

Concealed Carry Magazine
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The Concealed Carry Expo exceeded everyone’s expectations as a fourth-year event in Louisville, KY. by drawing nearly 15,000 guests and filling every training room to capacity. Now we are taking this gathering of all things concealed carry on the road to bigger and better venues around the country. We have just announced our fifth Concealed Carry Expo will be held in Pittsburgh, PA more details are available as the year goes on at USCCAexpo.com.

Concealed Carry Expo
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Concealed Carry Report is our weekly email newsletter going out 1.8 million opt-in subscribers each week. The Report contains weekly stories including a message from USCCA founder and CEO Tim Schmidt, gun and gear review and legal information for those who carry every day.

Concealed Carry Report

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