AAR Broadcast 12-13-2009 Hour 2


The discussion with Rob, Mike and George continued unabated into hour 2.  Different scenarios that these men have become known for educating us about are discussed in detail and real life events are dissected for you to learn from.  I’m telling you, these guys are the greatest.


AAR Broadcast 12-13-2009 Hour 3


Not only did Mike Janich and George Hill stay with Rob and myself for the entire third hour but we were also joined in discussion by Mr. David Burnett of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus who gave us the full dope on what the heck is going on with Colorado State University and their seemingly unprovoked decision to disallow CCW on campus for no obvious reason.  We keep scratching our heads.  Nothing makes sense anymore, does it?

AAR Broadcast 12-06-2009 Hour 1


Too much material to cover!  The anti’s just keep throwing it at us and we have no choice but to “pick and choose our fights”.  AAR this week was a lot of fun.  A planned three hours of loose conversation about everything we could cram in…including three BONEHEAD OF THE WEEK recipients.  I gave one out in each hour and let the guests give their thoughts.  Oh yeah, the guests…Writer/Editor Mr. John Higgs joined me from Colorado and Rev. Ken Pagano joined me from Louisville.  Just me and John in this hour and you’ll love John’s easy going disposition and calm, cool British accent.  Fun to talk to and fun to listen to, John gives us a lot of fun info as a “former” Brit!!!!

AAR Broadcast 12-06-2009 Hour 2


Hour 2 is when we just start hitting stride.  This hour focused on Rev. Ken Pagano who joined me at the top of the hour and stayed with me until the end of the third hour.  John Higgs also stuck around for the first half of this segment.  About the best way I can describe this hour is…Pretty much, wide open.  We hopped all over the board and covered about anything that came up.

AAR Broadcast 12-06-2009 Hour 3


This hour was a BLAST.  The good Rev. Ken Pagano stayed with me until the end for an open ended discussion about…Well, about whatever we wanted.  We talked about guns, churches, guns in churches and I read an email from someone who was actually IN the Colorado church during the shooting in 2007.  The third hour is always a lot of fun, a little more relaxed and just plain old GOOD.  I also gave a “hint” of an upcoming guest.  TRUST ME, this is HUGE.  See if you can figure it out!

AAR 11-29-2009 Broadcast Hour 1


Another home run!  Gabe Suarez of Suarez International and One Source Tactical re-joined me for one solid hour of intense training talk.  Man, is he good!  Sit back, relax and listen to one of the nations most respected force-on-force trainers tell you EXACTLY like it is IN THE REAL WORLD!

AAR 11-29-2009 Broadcast Hour 2


Another great hour and a real treat to have Gabe Suarez stay with me for the first half of hour number 2.  The Mad Ogre George Hill called in and we simply continued a tremendous educational conversation with one of the worlds foremost gunfighting experts.  Just simply put, another great hour of talking self-defense.

Segment three of this hour was also a real treat.  I was joined by Radio Giant and FOX News Contributor, Mike Gallagher.  He was….well…he was just like you would expect the nations 6th most listened to conservative talker…Incredibly smooth and very pointed…and also a big fan of AAR!


AAR 11-29-2009 Broadcast Hour 3


Wow, Nikki Goeser, Kathy Jackson and the Mad Ogre!  George called in at the top of the second hour and I just couldn’t help but keep him on for the third hour, too!  He joined the already pre-scheduled guests, Kathy Jackson and Ms. Niki Goeser who was originally scheduled to appear during hour number 2. A little football game (titans) got in the way and she was able to join us after the game.  She gives you some updates on the TN law that was circumvented by a rogue and liberal kook, anti-gun judge who hates your rights.

Kathy was great as usual and gave the female listener some very valuable advice.  When it comes to women and guns, no one comes close to Kathy and her opinions are some of the most respected in the nation.

AAR 11-22-2009 Broadcast Hour 1


Massad Ayoob, George Hill…Need I say more?  What a GREAT hour this was.  I’m telling you, Massad is the BEST.  His advice is the most respected in the nation regarding personal defense and simply put…there isn’t any one better.  When Massad speaks, you listen.  George Hill joined us both for the full hour and as usual, the broadcast is elevated to the next level with both of these fine men and their expert opinions and advice.

AAR 11-22-2009 Broadcast Hour 2


Joining me tonight for the second hour of AAR was Mr. David Burnett, Midwest Regional Director  of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.  David laid out the case for CCW on campus just as I expected he would.  Because he is RIGHT.  David has cemented himself as a regular guest in the future and was a very refreshing voice.  A great second hour with The Mad Ogre, George Hill and Mr. Burnett.  Enjoy!

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