AAR Broadcast 5-16-2010 Hour 2


Massad Ayoob!  Need I say more?  The great one joined us in hour 2 and we crammed more information into this one hour than we thought we could fit!  NO ONE says it like Massad.  Coming to us from beautiful Sierra Vista, AZ for a training class, Massad answers a callers email and question about a traffic stop that WE all learn from.  As active duty law enforcement in addition to the author of dozens of books and countless magazine columns, Massad is a great friend of Armed American Radio and it is an HONOR to be able to bring his infinite wisdom to you as a contributor to this program.  Listen, enjoy and more importantly….LEARN

AAR Broadcast 5-16-2010 Hour 1


This was a GREAT show, my friends!  Extremely informative and filled with valuable information.  Hour 1 took on a format closely resembling that usually reserved for the roundtable in the third hour.  Mr. Aaron Zelman was unable to make the program this week and will be back on AAR next week.  George Hill joined me for the entire program as did my produce Sean.  During hour 1 we covered some informative fan emails and had a great time.  This one is a keeper for sure!

AAR Broadcast 5-9-2010 Hour 3


The ROUNDTABLE.  Grabbing seats at today’s roundtable were Mr. Jim Irvine, myself, Mr. George Hill, Ms. Kathy Jackson and Ms. Gila Hayes.  This hour was PACKED with GREAT information for the beginning shooter and women in particular who may be making their first gun purchase.  There is no one better than Kathy and Gila to give you some OUTSTANDING advice if you’re making your first firearm purchase or are even considering it….you NEED to listen to this hour of AAR!

AAR Broadcast 5-9-2010 Hour 2


Jim and I continue in hour 2 with Norman LaPierre of Canada Carry .org.  Norman gives us Americans a dose of reality of what life in Canada is like without the rights we enjoy here in the United States.  This, folks is what the anti-gunners here in the good ole US of A want YOU to have to go through.  This conversation will always remind you of why we stay vigilante against the anti-gun forces who are working to strip you of your second amendment rights.

Also joining me was the Rev. Jim Meadows from KC Missouri who travels frequently between MO and IA. Jim reads an email he sent to the Iowa State Police asking for advice on how to transport his gun.  The response is enlightening to say the least.

AAR Broadcast 5-9-2010 Hour 1


Jim Irvine of Buckeye Firearms joined me for the entire show.  Always fun to have on the air, Jim brings his quick wit and knowledge to listeners on virtually all topics gun related.  Jim and I were joined by expert trainer Gabe Suarez for the entire hour.  Enjoy!

AAR Broadcast 5-2-2010 Hour 3


Due to some technical audio recording problems on the satellite feed, we are currently unable to provide a link for the third hour of this weeks show.  We are working to determine if the feed can be recovered for audio playback. I know…I know…it stinks but we’re working on it!

AAR Broadcast 5-2-2010 Hour 2


Canada Carry.org was represented by Norman LaPierre during the second hour of AAR and let me tell you…you  think the laws in your state are bad?  Wait till you hear what our neighbors to the north have to put up with.  Norman will be back next week to continue a conversation cut short by listener participation.  Also, fan favorite Dr. Bruce Eimer joined me for the second half of the hour to discuss an altercation he witnessed while waiting for his dinner in a restaurant!

AAR Broadcast 5-2-2010 Hour 1


Too much fun!  Mr. Jerry Evans, owner AAR affiliate KKFT 99.1FM Ta;lk in Reno joined me for an interview with independent candidate for NV governor, Gino Di Simone.  Very enlightening conversation to say the least!

AAR Broadcast 4-25-2010 Hour 3


The Roundtable… And a crew it was…all seats were taken as Rob and I were joined at the table by George Hill, Morgan Boatman and Second Amendment March Coordinator, Liz Foley.  As usual, the  table took on all kinds of issues and we get the panels unique perspective on all things discussed!

AAR Broadcast 4-25-2010 Hour 2


Machine guns and sheriff’s!  Hour 2 was spent talking about lots of really cool stuff with Joe Bridgman of Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona and candidate for sheriff in San Miguel County New Mexico, Rico Giron.  I played a short audio clip of my machine gun experience at Scottsdale Gun Club while Joe was on and it sounded really…..machine gun!

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