AAR Broadcast 6-27-2010 Hour 2


Hour 2 was filled with more David Burnett, calls, emails, and a ton of talk about the More Guns Less Crime episode of the Stossel show that ran all week on Fox Business Network. It was a tremendous experience and made for a great hour of discussion.

AAR Broadcast 6-27-2010 Hour 1


Tonight I am PROUD to be joined by Mr. Otis McDonald who comes to AAR today from Washington DC as he awaits, like the rest of us…the decision in his historic Supreme Court case. Otis was a guest with me on the John Stossel show this week on Fox Business Channel. Proud doesn’t even come close to the honor of having this living legend and patriot on AAR on the eve of this historic second amendment decision. Take that Daley! Also joining me in the second half of the hour is Mr. David Burnett from Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. David was also a guest on the Stossel show. A GREAT hour!

AAR Broadcast 6-20-2010 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  Need I say more?  Sean and I were joined by The Mad Ogre and answered emails and took phone calls.

AAR Broadcast 6-20-2010 Hour 2


John Lott stuck around for another segment in hour two to continue the fascinating discussion.  Afterward I was joined by Eric McCabe of the Appleseed project.  During the second half hour it was my honor to bring you the Urban Shooter, Pastor Kenn Blanchard…Finally!

AAR Broadcast 6-20-2010 Hour 1


An amazing hour.  I am privileged to be joined by famed author, researcher, economist, Mr. John Lott.  Author of the More Guns Less Crime books, no one drives the anti-gunners bonkers like he does.  Enjoy!

AAR Broadcast 6-13-2010 Hour 3


John Monroe stuck around in the studio with me to take a seat at the Roundtable with George Hill, the Mad Ogre and we added Mr. Ed Rouse, father of one of Af AAR’s America’s heroes Samuel!  Ed is always welcome to grab a seat at the table.  We talked guns and found out that George Hill is better looking than Helen Thomas!

AAR Broadcast 6-13-2010 Hour 2


John Monroe and I were joined by Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, Mr. Larry Pratt!  No compromise doesn’t even come close to describing an interview with Larry….Simply put, I’m sure glad he’s on my team!

AAR Broadcast 6-13-2010 Hour 1


Great lineup today!  Pro-gun attorney and Georgia Carry Board member, John Monroe.  Joining us was Mr. John Dennis who just happens to be the candidate running against Nancy Pelosi this November.  FUN!

AAR Broadcast 6-6-2010 Hour 3


AAR Broadcast 6-6-2010 Hour 2

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