AAR Broadcast 3-28-2010 Hour 2


Hour two exemplify’s the speed at which AAR can impart a significant amount of material to our listener in a short amount of time.  Rob and I discussed training issues with Mr. Chris Fry and Craig Douglas.  Take a listen to what they have to say then kick back and catch Lt. Bill Hunt, a true patriot running for Sheriff of Orange County CA.  That’s right, a pro-gun patriot in Southern California.  Say it ain’t so!

AAR Broadcast 3-28-2010 Hour 1


I welcomed back co-host Rob Pincus in hour one after a whirlwind trip through Europe and we got right to business with Executive Producer of Best Defense TV Mr. Michael Bane.  The discussion centered on the new season of The Outdoor Channel favorite program and what viewers can expect.  Michael is one of the most accomplished experts I have ever met and it comes across in his interviews.  Enjoy!

AAR Broadcast 3-21-2010 Hour 3



The Roundtable with regular contributors, Morgan Boatman, George Hill, and Bruce Eimer.  Plenty of calls and emails also as we welcomed Delray Beach and Corpus Christi to the AAR Network!  I tried again to stump George on guns and gear and came up short.  Enjoy, you’ll learn a lot!

AAR Broadcast 3-21-2010 Hour 2


The discussion continues this time with Montana Shooting Sports Association’s Mr. Gary Marbut.  Gary wrote the MT Firearms Freedom Act that was recently signed into law and other states have modeled.  Can you say, “Don’t Tread on Me”?  Montana can!  Also Bruce and I were joined by Kevin Starrett of Oregon Firearms Federation to continue a brief update on the gun confiscation case.  Unbelievable!

AAR Broadcast 3-21-2010 Hour 1


Dr Bruce Eimer joins me for a three hour stint as a guest and during hour 1 we talk with Mr. David Wood of Second Amendment Coalition of Florida to find out what is happening in the Florida grass roots scene.

AAR Broadcast 3-14-2010 Hour 3


THE ROUNDTABLE.  Morgan Boatman and George Hill joined me for a roundtable discussion that covered everything from current news stories relating to your rights to various gun makes and models as well as some accessories.  Kevin Starrett of Oregon Firearms Federation called the show to express his concern on an incredibly disturbing story of gun confiscation out in Oregon.  You won’t believe this!  Kevin will be back next week for followup to this incredibly unnerving incident.

AAR Broadcast 3-14-2010 Hour 2


Matt Carmel owns a NJ gun shop called Constitution Arms.  Matt wanted to do right by his community and sponsor a kids little league team.  The cost: $300.  The problem:  The local league commissioners wanted nothing to do with a legal gun shop named Constitution Arms on the kids jersey’s.  They do however allow Cluck U Chicken.  The ultimate form of political correctness.  Welcome to the Peoples Republic of New Jersey.  Matt joined me in hour 2 to discuss the absurdity.

AAR Broadcast 3-14-2010 Hour 1


Alan Gura, famed attorney who made history at the US Supreme Court with the Heller decision now stands poised to do it all over again with his recent case, McDonald v. Chicago.  Mr. Gura joined me for the entire hour.  This brilliant attorney explains in detail the case he laid out to the justices that will forever change the way local cities and Mayor’s like Daly can impede your constitutional RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

AAR Broadcast 3-7-2010 Hour 3


The Roundtable!  Need I say more?

AAR Broadcast 3-7-2010 Hour 2


We continue with Dane von Breichenruchardt, President of the US Bill of Rights Foundation who discusses the recent McDonald case heard in the Supreme Court!

President of the US B

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