AAR Broadcast 8-7-2011 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  George Hill, Grilling while armed recipe paired with a great firearm…How about a BBQ Pizza made from scratch over the coals (the kids will love it), some great roundtable talk and just plain old good avice!

AAR Broadcast 8-7-2011 Hour 2


WOW.  An unbelievable hour!  Former TX state legislator and Luby’s Cafeteria massacre survivor, Suzanna Hup tells it like it is.  Following Ms. Hupp is Exectutive Director of the Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt!  HUGE hour!

AAR Broadcast 8-7-2011 Hour 1


A plea for help from listeners to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  Also, David Codrea with new information regarding the growing ATF scandal!

AAR Broadcast 7-31-2011 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  George Hill, Guns, “Grilling While Armed”-Where I pair up a great firearm to wear with a BBQ recipe for your outdoor enenjoyment and meat eating feasting pleasures.  We take calls, emails and more!

AAR Broadcast 7-31-2011 Hour 2


More from David Codrea on the gift that keeps on giving from the Obummer Admin, Operation Fast and Furious, better known as Gunwalker.  David was kind enough to stick around and lend us his wisdom on a number of current events including the Canton PD officer who made an ass of himself while flagrantly violating the civil rights of a law-abiding Ohio CCW permit holder.

AAR Broadcast 7-31-2011 Hour 1


Mike Piccione of the USCCA joins me to discuss a couple great columns he recently penned including lightweight carry guns and what to carry when you can’t carry!  I LOVE this guy!  Make sure to catch more of Mike on one of the hottest conservative websites in the nation, Human Events dot com!

AAR Broadcast 7-24-2011 Hour 3


*******During the discussion about traveling/flying with guns in segment two of this hour, George Hill and I are explaining the process of air travel with a firearm.  After reviewing the audio, I realized on a couple of occassions I mentioned the word “gate” when I was actually referring to the ticket agent.  ALL FIREARMS MUST BE IN CHECKED BAGGAGE AND DECLARED AT THE TICKET COUNTER AT TIME OF CHECK IN!  NEVER ATTEMPT TO APPROACH “THE GATE” OR SECURITY CHECKPOINTS WITH UNDECLARED FIREARMS.  YOU WILL BE ARRESTED*******   

For more information about flying with firearms and the process of declaring them to the airline in your checked bag, please visit www.tsa.gov

The Roundtable, George Hill, emails, calls, guns, grilling and more!

AAR Broadcast 7-24-2011 Hour 2


David Codrea gives us more updates on the ATF breaking scandal.  Also, joining me in the second half of the hour is Concealed Carry Magazine columnist, Stephen  Collins, author of this issues, “You Can Shoot But Can You Fight”?

AAR Broadcast 7-24-2011 Hour 1


Some great discussion on the concelaed carry lifestyle and guest Kristi Russell, casting director and a major TV network wants YOU and your family for a pro-second amendment reality television program!

AAR Broadcast 7-17-2011 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  Joining me this week are regular member, George Hill and newcomer, outdoorsman and hunter, John (last name withheld by request).  In this hour we discuss the new Kel-Tec shotgun the KSG in great detail as john and I put it through the ringer this past weekend to give you an honest review.  We take calls, read emails and discuss guns.  Does it get any better?  Nope!  Enjoy!

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