3-18-2012 Hour 1


The most touching email I have ever received.  Tony Walker of Anderson SC joins me to discuss witnessing his mother’s murder almost 20 years ago as a 10 yr old boy.  Rob Pincus jumps in the mix!

3-11-2012 Hour 3


The Roundtable with Kurt Mueller of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus joins us to discuss the resounding unanimous CO Supreme Court decision upholding campus carry!  George Hill, Mayor Tim and more!

3-11-2012 Hour 2


Mayor Tim.  Small tow Ga mayor Tim joins me in the studio .  Hizzoner is also active duty law enforcement.  David Codrea jumps in and more!

3-11-2012 Hour 1


HUGE.  MD gun law ruled unconstitutional.  Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb returns with attorney Alan Gura, who prevailed in the case.  These men have your back.  They fight, and they WIN>  support them at www.saf.org

3-4-2012 Hour 3


David Codrea, the Mad Ogre George Hill, guns, Bonehead of the Week awards, current events, emails and MORE!  The Roundtable never lets you down.

3-4-2012 Hour 2


Rockers Madison Rising are making waves in the music world with their hit “Right to Bear” lead singer dave Bray and guitarist Chris Schreiner join the broadcast to discuss where their second amendment passions come from and how they bring that passion to their music.  Great interview!

3-4-2012 Hour 1


Another school shooting.  Mark makes the case for guns in schools to stop the madness.  GA state representative Sean Jergesen joins Mark in the studio to discuss personal property rights versus your second amendment rights.

AAR Broadcast 2-26-2012 Hour 3


The Roundtable with David Codrea and George Hill the Mad Ogre.  Great current event news, commentary and the educational segment of how to fly with a firearm.  Yup, it’s legal!

AAR Broadcast 2-26-2012 Hour 2


Fun commentary, insight, current events and emails, etc.  In addition, I am joined by Danny Muder from the Kansas State Rifle Association with a great story about his state organizations ridding every Kansas mayor of its membership in the gun hating Michael Bloomberg’s group, Mayors against Illegal Guns. Ya gotta love that!

AAR Broadcast 2-26-2012 Hour 1


Special guest Allen Gottlieb , founder of the Second Amendment Foundation and The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms joins me to give us an update on legislation filed around the nation that impacts YOUR right to bear arms.  Allen gives us the updates!

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