AAR Broadcast 9-4-2011 Hour 1


Rob Pincus joins the AAR broadcast for the full hour as guest and co-host.  The power of the grassroots…Mark reads an account of a grassroots member who did his part.  Rob and Mark talk with Christopher Baker, founder of the Hawaii Defense Foundation…an organization dedicated to restoring the second amendment rights of residents of the Aloha State.

AAR Broadcast 8-28-2011 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  Lee and I discussed real life shooting scenarios we faced in the Gander Mountain Academy state of the art 180 and 360 degree simulators.  GO there!

AAR Broadcast 8-28-2011 Hour 2


Joining Lee and I for the second hour was Alan Gottlieb founder of the Second Amendment Foundation to discuss the legal action being taken to bring states and municipalities in line!  Also, former SEAL Larry Yatch and master knife-maker Ernest Emerson of Emerson Knives.

AAR Broadcast 8-28-2011 Hour 1


LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair with AM 1280 The Patriot on the Midway!  Operations Manager Lee Michaels co-hosts the entire show with me.  This hours guests included Chris Juelich and Billy Hieb from Gander Mountain Academy.  Also, Black Hawk Down hero Major Jeff Streuker.

AAR Broadcast 8-21-2011 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  George Hill, Grilling While Armed…commentary, national stories, emails and MORE!  This hour wrapped up one of the best AAR broadcasts on record!

AAR Broadcast 8-21-2011 Hour 2


Huge.  David Codrea  brings us our weekly ATF roundup.  Disturbing to say the least.  Next, Alan Korwin of gunlaws.com joins me to discuss current events.  We received one of the most important phone calls we have ever received on air from a fan living in inner city Detroit who…let’s just say, told it like it is and hopefully someone in Washington was paying attention…you have to hear it to believe it!

AAR Broadcast 8-21-2011 Hour 1


Rachel Parsons from the NRA-ILA joins me for the first half of the broadcast.  Great conversation and commentary on a number of important and breaking topics including shenanigans in NV.

AAR Broadcast 8-14-2011 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  George Hill discusses our newest sponsor, RUGER, Grilling While Armed recipe-Caribbean Jerk pulled beer can Chicken paired with a great firearm for your weekend plaesure, calls emails and MORE!

AAR Broadcast 8-14-2011 Hour 2


David Codrea busts the ATF every week here on AAR and this week is no exception!  Also, Phillip VanCleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League joins me to discussd the doom and gloom report that wasn’t!

AAR Broadcast 8-14-2011 Hour 1


Why it’s im,portant for you to be aware of the anti-gunners methods and you responsibility to call them on their lies.  Also. Kurt Mueller from Students for Concealed Carry on Campus and their latest efforts nationwide.

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