AAR Broadcast 11-13-2011 Hour 1


Huge show today.  The crew was in the zone, for sure!  Larry Yatch of Sealed Mindset, Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation.

AAR Broadcast 11-6-2011 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  Firearm expert, George “The Mad Ogre” Hill.  Lee Michaels.  Emails.  Nuff said

AAR Broadcast 11-6-2011 Hour 2


Pro-Concealed Carry Spartanburg County Sheriff, Chuck Wright!  You’ve seen him all over the national news this week.  Now he comes here to AAR and gets a friendly audience instead of a bunch of crybaby, liberal, gun hating “mainstream media” zealots who would love to try to discredit him…but CAN’T!  Also, David Codrea gives us more breaking news from the ATF/Holder debacle…you hear it here FIRST!

AAR Broadcast 11-6-2011 Hour 1


Lee Michaels talks about CCW holder in MN using gun to kill a woman’s attacker.  Good for him!

AAR Broadcast 10-30-2011 Hour 3


The Roundtable, George Hill-The Mad Ogre talks guns and cool accessories.

AAR Broadcast 10-30-2011 Hour 2


US Concealed Carry Founder Tim Schmidt!  Television host of Pursuit Channel’s Student of the Gun, Paul Markel talks training tips for CCW holders.

AAR Broadcast 10-30-2011 Hour 1


David Codrea busting Holder and the ATF, DOJ, FBI and the whole lot of em as project gunwalker continues to heat up.  Mike Barham from Galco Gunleather talks holsters for the change of seasons!

AAR Broadcast 10-23-2011 Hour 3


A three hour conversation with Alan Korwin with an appearance by the NRA’s Rachel Parsons. Hour 3

AAR Broadcast 10-23-2011 Hour 2


A three hour conversation with Alan Korwin with an update from David Codrea on the breaking ATF-DEA-FBI-Eric Holder fiasco.  Hour 2

AAR Broadcast 10-23-2011 Hour 1


A three hour conversation with Alan Korwin.  Hour 1.

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