5-6-2012 Hour 3


5-6-2012 Hour 2


5-6-2012 Hour 1


4-30-2012 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  Mark is joined by Mike McNulty, Emmy Award winning documentary film producer raising funds for his latest project, Blood on their Hands, about the Fast and Furious Mexican gun running scandal run by Holder and the DOJ.

4-30-2012 Hour 2


Continued commentary on current events and a visit from David Codrea.

4-30-2012 Hour 1


Mark analyzes the impact of the tilted biased coverage in favor of Trayvon Martin ignoring the rights of accused George Zimmerman.

4-22-2012 Hour 3


The Roundtable.  Joe Weaver from Tampa’s Talk 860 WGUL, David Codrea, Mark and producer Sen give commentary on the weeks events.  The Ogre stopped by but alas, we couldn’t seem to make a phone connection.  Next week.

4-22-2012 Hour 2


Alan Korwin joins Mark and Tampa’s Joe Weaver to bring unbridled truth about your CCW rights and the assault that gun owners find themselves under.  No one tells it quite like Alan.

4-22-2012 Hour 1


Tampa’s Talk 860 WGUL’s Joe Weaver joins Mark to discuss the mayor of Tampa’s intention to ban guns within a “clean zone” during the 2012 RNC convention.  North American Arms’ Kenny Barlow stops by to discuss the NAA mini revolvers!!! These things are proof positive that you have NO EXCUSE EVER to be unarmed!  AAR is a HUGE fan of these incredible little firearms that can be carried whenever you might not otherwise be able to carry a gun.  Get it?


4-15-2012 Hour 3


The Roundtable includes David Codrea and a very special call from AAR resident Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch!!!  David and Larry bring expertise found nowhere else!  The AAR Roundtable….the FUNNEST hour in national radio!

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