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AAR Broadcast 1-29-2012 Hour 3

The Roundtable and boy was it full! ┬áThere were no seats left at the table as Kathy and I talked to Crossbreed Holster founder Mark Craighead who gave away a 3 piece holster set consisting of holster, belt and mag carrier to our lucky Facebook giveaway winner. ┬áPaul Markel, TV’s host of Student of the Gun grabbed a chair and George Hill, the Mad Ogre staked his seat as well.

AAR Broadcast 1-29-2012 Hour 2

Kathy and I meet with David Codrea who continues to bring us news on the criminal shenanigans being played by US Attorney General, Eric Holder regarding Operation Fast and Furious.

AAR Broadcast 1-29-2012 Hour 1

Noted expert on all things women and guns as well as top trainer, author, columnist and editor, Ms. Kathy Jackson joins me for the show. In hour one we speak with author Paul Barrett (Glock, the Rise of America’s Gun) about why Glock was not happy about his presence at the industry trade show and what they did about it.

AAR Broadcast 1-22-2012 Hour 3

Duane Daiker stays with me to cover some of the vast array of new firepower he will be writing about as he strolled the vast halls of this past weeks Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas. Gonna be some fun stuff riding in your holsters this year!

AAR Broadcast 1-22-2012 Hour 2

Sheriff of Spartanburg County, SC joins me to discuss the outcome of a CCW permit holder vs a pair of armed robbers in a Spartanburg County Waffle House. NOT good for the robbers. Duane Daiker gives us the lowdown on new firepower you’ll see on the store shelves this year.

AAR Broadcast 1-22-2012 Hour 1

This hour brings trainer Rob Pincus who describes the ballistics results of several demonstrations of ammo penetration. David Codrea keeps us up to speed on the ATF and Holders liars, Bonehead of the week and more!

AAR Broadcast 1-15-2012 Hour 3

The Roundtable with David Codrea. Current events, politics, and humor. Enjoy!

AAR Broadcast 1-15-2012 Hour 2

HUGE interview with Paul M. Barrett, author of the fascinating book, Glock-The Rise of America’s Gun. This was one of the most interesting hours ever on AAR. Enjoy this one!

AAR Broadcast 1-15-2011 Hour 1

Great hour with Rob Pincus, do’s and dont’s, protecting yourself against home invasion, ballistics and more!

The Alan Korwin Experience-AAR 1-8-2012 Hour 3

Alan Koriwn joins me for the three hour broadcast. Always fun, Alan brings his unique perspecitve to AAR! Joining us in the third hour, David Codrea and the Mad Ogre, George Hill. Enjoy!

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