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Armed American Radio Network (AAR) is the official radio program of The United States Concealed Carry Association.  AAR broadcasts LIVE every Sunday evening for THREE SOLID HOURS from 8 till 11 PM ET from the Talk 920 WGKA studios in Atlanta, Georgia.  Syndicated nationally since September of 2009, AAR has become the fastest growing voice of freedom for gun owners and freedom lovers across America.  Focusing on the right to keep and bear arms, Armed American Radio brings a unique blend of conservative talk, humor and hard hitting truth about the right to carry a gun that the mainstream media wouldn’t dare discuss.

Join host Mark Walters, The Ordinary Guy columnist with Concealed Carry Magazine and co-author of the highly acclaimed book Lessons from Armed America, each and every week as he discusses…


Gun Rights

The Politics of Guns

Safety and Training Issues

Politicians’ Efforts to Curtail Your Freedoms

New Products

Living a Concealed Carry Lifestyle

Concealed Carry Techniques and Methods

Grilling While Armed

And Everything Else Related to Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

AAR makes absolutely NO apologies for defending your freedoms and your GOD GIVEN right to defend yourself and your family…A right so eloquently written into our constitution.  The 2nd Amendment folks, IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE ON Armed American Radio.

Mark pulls NO punches as he defends our freedoms and talks to some of the most influential people in the field of firearms and politics.  If you’re looking for politically correct…change your dial!

Join us each and every Sunday evening for THREE SOLID HOURS as we get knee deep in discussions about protecting your rights and keeping you informed of the movements of the anti-freedom politicians in Washington, DC.  Be there with us as we have an all around good time being FREE MEN AND WOMEN.

LOCK AND LOAD every week on the Armed American Radio Network.

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