The Personal Defense Network is now making 3 full length traning DVD’s available to the general public at HALF off the regualr price.  Discover dozens of personal defense strategies from Rob Pincus and the Personal Defense Networks lineup of instructors.  In this set you’ll discover techiques you’ll need when confronted with extreme close-quarters shooting situations including the engagement of multiple threats.  Also see how to shoot from unorthodox positions such as while seated or lying on the ground.  The third DVD in the package demonstrates skill development drills that you can take to your local range to help fine-tune your shooting and self-defense skills.

To order this powerful 3 DVD set and help support Armed American Radio for 50% off the already low price, visit You’ll receive your three DVD’s for only $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

This is a limited time offer!  We’ll keep it up on site as long as the supplies last.  They make GREAT gifs!

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