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AAR Broadcast 5-29-2011 Hour 3

The Roundtable.  John Lott, Niki Goesser, George Hill, your calls, emails, and more.  One of the callers was Mark Bilicki who has created signs for the nations pr-gun business to put up letting CCW permit holders know that the business welcomes your patronage.  The best hour in radio!

AAR Broadcast 5-29-2011 Hour 2

Dr. John Lott,  in the studio with Ms.Niki Goesser.  In hour 2 we were joined by the incredible people doing God’s work at the Special Operation Warrior Foundation.  From the Foundation, Public Relations Director, Ms. Edie Rosenthal and one of the benefactors of the Foundations incredible work, Ms. Melinda Petrigani, who lost her father, a U.S. Army Ranger.  Alan Korwin called to discuss the suit against the city of Phoenix for removing the pro gun training billboards and father of two American heroes called to give us an update on both of his kids fighting for our safety..Ed Rouse .

AAR Broadcast 5-29-2011 Hour 1

Fox News contributor, NY Times best selling author, More Guns Less Crime, 3rd edition.  You’ve read him on Fox News, in The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, etc.  Dr. John Lott joins me IN THE STUDIO with Ms. Niki Goesser for the entire 3 hour Memorial Day Broadcast.  These are powerful people and this is powerful radio!

AAR Broadcast 5-22-2011 Hour 3

It just never ends, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt joins the discussion with with David Codrea to discuss the ATF scandal and other stories of importance.  Phone calls, emails and more.  Huge hour!

AAR Broadcast 5-22-2011 Hour 2

The lineup stays extremely strong.  Joining me this hour is Ernest Emerson of Emerson Knives discusses the blade.  Knives scare me and Ernest explains why! Phone calls, emails and more.

AAR Broadcast 5-22-2011 Hour 1

Current event stories and guest Jeff Mullens of Extreme Shock ammo discusses dropping a human being in one shot.  Fun stuff.


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AAR Broadcast 5-15-2011 Hour 3

The Roundtable.  Jim Irvine, George Hill, and from, Alan Korwin joins us to discuss his recent lawsuit against the city of Phoenix for removing the Guns Save Lives advertising campaign signs from the city mass transit stops.  Unbelievable…from Phoenix….in a very gun friendly state…more news, more stuff, calls, emails and MORE during the funnest hour in radio.

AAR Broadcast 5-15-2011 Hour 2

Jim Irvine stays with me.  Hour two sees David Codrea come back to AAR as he will each week until Eric Holder resigns.  David will expose more ATF shenanigans regarding the Project Gunrunner scandal.  Resign Eric, it’s time.  Charlie Parrot, the inventor of the Smartcarry Holster will join me to talk concealment using this amazing holster.  I’ve used them for years and they work!  Resident AAR Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch comes back to talk Bin Laden Bin Killed and how the SEALS operate.  GREAT stuff!

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