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AAR Broadcast 4-24-2011 Hour 3

The Roundtable. More current events, some calls and George Hill discussing guns and my new grill. The funnest hour in radio!

AAR Broadcast 4-24-2011 Hour 2

Massad Ayoob brings his brilliant wisdom back to AAR and discusses the disturbing case of the murders of two Tampa PD officers caught on dash cam and the subsequent discussion to release the tape to the public as required under Florida law. Also, GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE GUNS…Regis Giles joins me to discuss her website and the taking of a wild hog with a spear among other cool things. Regis, like her dad is a great guest and her inspiration just might make you go out and buy another gun…or even a spear!

AAR Broadcast 4-24-2011 Hour 1

Tons of current event stories and a few Bonehead Awards to give out. Mexico now wants to sue US gun Manufacturers? Are you kidding me? Mexico needs to stay south of the border and mind their own drug wars and try to figure a way to keep their own citizens inside their own borders. You won’t believe this one.