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AAR Broadcast 12-27-2009 Hour 1

Rob Pincus, Massad Ayoob and champion IDPA shooter, Gail Pepin.  Need I say more?

AAR Broadcast 12-27-2009 Hour 2

What an unbelievable group of guests in hour 2!  Rob Pincus and I met with Dick Heller, the man himself and Mr. Dane vonBreichenruchardt, President of the US Bill of Rights Foundation who was kind enough to join us from a dinner party in Pittsburgh!  Afterwards Rob and I spoke to Semi Amoud who enlightened us to the History Channels upcoming series Top Shot, a reality based program of civilian marksmen and women.  As the casting director, Semi gave us the info on where to go if we think we’re up to the challenge!

Also, joining us was the founder of, Jared Gollnitz.  A brilliant idea that you need to listen to and check out if you’re single and looking for that special person who understands your lifestyle choice of self defense!

AAR Broadcast 12-27-2009 Hour 3

The Roundtable!  The third hour is always fun.  everyone finds their groove, gets in sync and coasts right along.  For some unknown reason, AAR just seems to heat up and fly right by in hour 3.  Myself, Rob Pincus, George Hill and good friend Jim Irvine covered a ton of ground on a variety of topics.  The roundtable discussion was a good one indeed!