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AAR 11-22-2009 Broadcast Hour 3

The third hour went so fast it was hard to believe it was actually an hour.  Jim Irvine, Chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association and my very good friend joined George Hill and I for the solid hour as we welcomed listeners from the Buckeye Firearms forum.  The firearms forum ended its one year broadcast last weekend and many of his listeners will be joining AAR from here on out.  In addition, Jim discussed in detail the Buckeye/USCCA Brief for the upcoming McDonald supreme court case.  Having spent the last year on the radio hosting the Forum, Jim is one of my favorite guests and knows how to make you believe!  Many other topics flew by during AAR’s first third hour!

11-15-2009 AAR Broadcast Hour 1

If you are on the fence about owning a gun for self defense.  Listen to this hour!

Joining me in studio was Mr. John Kittrell, subject of my Ordinary Guy column “No Rest at This Stop” which appeared in the last issue of Concealed Carry Magazine.  John is a close personal friend of mine for many years who found himself the unarmed victim of a violent armed robbery at a South Carolina rest area.  His story will make you stop and think as well as reaffirm your decision to arm yourself for personal protection.

11-15-2009 AAR Broadcast Hour 2

Mr. Phil Van Cleave of the VCDL (Va Citizens Defense League) joined me for the full second hour and discussed a wider range of topics.  Phil is a good friend of this broadcast and a wealth of information for the average gun owner.  Well schooled in the topics of the day, Phil was, as usual…A great discussion!