Join me this week for another unbelievable broadcast.  My guests included Mr. Alvin Petitt of Strike Back Technologies.  Alvin and I will discuss non lethal force weapons as a compliment to or replacement for a gun for self defense.

Also, I am pleased to welcome Mr. Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq, noted Florida self defense attorney and author of the Florida Firearms book widely recognized as the bible of Florida self defense laws.  You do not have to be a Florida resident to benefit from this mans advice, believe me.

Also, I was joined by Mr. Tom Powell, criminologist who was here to discuss the FBI Uniform Crime statistics and their meaning, in depth.  This conversation will blow your mind.

Dr Bruce Eimer joined me for the entire second hour with Tom Powell and we received a call from Mr. Tim Schmidt.  A great conversation was had by all! 

I gave away two signed copies of Lessons from Armed America and two USCCA memberships.  The phones lit up like crazy!  Congrats to the winners!