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9-20-2009 AAR Broadcast Hour 1

The Mad Ogre was with me for the full two hours as we moved through one of the most informative AAR programs yet.  Check this out:

WOW!   With me for the first full hour was Mr. Gabe Suarez.  Gabe is internationally recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in “Force on Force” traning and the author of several books on the subject of gunfighting and winning the conflict and his appearance on AAR was AMAZING.  Gabe is also the founder of Suarez International, One Source Tactical, Infidel Media and  I hope you pulled out  a notebook and pen to take notes for this segment.  

The second hour was a ton of fun as I was joined by publisher and author as well as the founder of the Second Amendment March, Mr. Skip Coryell.  Skip spoke about the second amendment march and his publishing company.  Skip is a great guest and wants us all to get involved and be in Washington in April!

I was also fortunate enough to…at the last minute…be joined by my good friend Mr. Jim Irvine, host of Buckeye Firearms Forum radio program.  Jim broadcasts during the same first hour that AAR is on the air from WHK 1420 in Cleveland.  Since moving AAR to a two hour format, we now have the opportunity to bring Jim in as a guest on OUR program.  This will NOT be his only appearance.

9-13-2009 AAR Broadcast Hour 2

2nd Hour

Mr. Massad Ayoob was back on Armed American Radio.  The author of In The Gravest Extreme, The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry, and The Ayoob Files among many others, Massad is also the founder of the Lethal Force Institute.  One of the nations foremost experts in the field of personal defense, Mr. Ayoob brings his many years of experience to Armed American Radio listeners.

I was also be joined by the two hosts of Best Defense-Survival from The Outdoor Channel, Mr. Rob Pincus and Mr. Mike Janich.  Unfortunately, Michael Bane was stuck in the air enroute to Chicago and couldn’t make the broadcast.  HE WILL BE ON SOON!  These men have been educating gun owners and the general public for years on national television and they were  HERE to discuss self-defense and survival techniques that you and your family MUST know in today’s volatile world. 

Mr. Mark Craighead of Crossbreed Holsters was here to discuss the finer points of one of the finest CCW holsters ever designed, the Super Tuck.  If you’re like many CCW holders, you may have made the decision to carry a smaller caliber gun for comfort.  Mark tells us how we can carry and conceal a full sized weapon for personal defense and do it COMFORTABLY.   

Making his FIRST and certainly not his only appearance on AAR was my good friend and colleague Mr. John Higgs, noted copy editor and author of “The Bug Out Book”.  John has given his advice to national televison audiences and was here to pass on his knowledge to YOU!