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8-30-2009 AAR Broadcast

A slight deviation from the plan as I had to take on the Freedom States Alliance anti-gun propaganda machine which is operating in high gear.  This hideous group of liars needs to be exposed and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I let them get away with the garbage they put out this week.  It cut into my time with Dr Eimer somewhat but we brought him in to help analyze this pack of lies and liars.

Dr. Bruce Eimer was here to talk about anything and everything he wanted and we focused primarily on the revolver as a self-defense tool among a host of other things.  Bruce is always a pleasure to have on the air.  He doesn’t disappoint.  We talked about a lot of fun “generic” gun stuff and if you’re like me, the conversation made me want to go out and by a new “wheel gun”!  Great stuff and very informative.

8-23-2009 AAR Broadcast

WOW!  I apologize in advance for my vocal cords being shot!  Seems I came down with some kind of weird laryngitis thing tonight that made me sound like Peter Brady going through puberty.  I do apologize for the cracking and raspy voice but, NOTHING will silence the voices of freedom on the nations airwaves!

Having given that disclaimer:

This program was GREAT!  Joining me on air were The Mad Ogre, George Hill making a second appearance from last week.  In addition to George, Florida firearms instructor Mr Erick Williams made his first appearance to discuss the horrifying case of the Landry family who were involved in one of the worst robbery and attempted car-jacking stories you will ever hear.  Erick also discussed the Florida permit situation down there as so many people are applying.

Ms. Kathy Jackson, Managing Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine gave me an unexpected call and I’m glad she did!  Kathy and I announced the publication of our book, Lessons From Armed America, which will be available nationwide on October 1st.  We are very excited and I’m glad she called the program!

The entire second half hour I had the privilege to be joined by former US Congressman and Libertarian candidate for president in 2008, Representative Bob Barr.  The conversation was incredibly enlightening, if not a bit scary as we discussed the current administration. 

We were THRILLED to mention our newest sponsor CROSSBREED holsters who join forces with AAR to help us bring freedom to the airwaves every week. 

Also, I forgot to mention on air the Buckeye Firearms forum radio show on WHK 1420 in Cleveland.  My good friend Mr. Jim Irvine hosts the program each Sunday and I encourage everyone to get over to their podcast at  Jim and I are planning a joint broadcast LIVE from both studios to discuss a few very important topics together and are working with the program technicians to make that happen.  I’ll keep you posted as to when we can do that and have some fun with our brethern in Cleveland, Ohio who we are proud to lock arms with as we fight the enemies of freedom on the airwaves every week!


8-16-2009 AAR Broadcast

Unbelievable broadcast!  A very fun show chock full of as much information one hour will allow.  You gotta dig into this one to believe it.  Mike from Galco gave a ton of information on concealment holsters from Galco and The Mad Ogre, George Hill did NOT disappoint with his infinite wisdom.  The hour FLEW by.  We ran our first episode of Rantin and Ravin with The Ordinary Guy at 35 after the hour and it gave me an opportunity to rip a brit a new one!  You’ll love it.  Nikki Goeser, last weeks guest was listening live to the rant and rave and called in to hang with us for the remainder of the hour and a great time was had by all!


8/09/2009 AAR Broadcast

We deviated from the regularly planned program to bring listeners an incredible and horrific tale of stalking and murder.  Nikki Goeser joined me this week to discuss the murder of her husband right before her eyes as she sat disarmed by TN law while her husband was brutally murdered by a madman who didn’t give two hoots about the law.  Join me this week at 8 eastern to hear the details of this terrible tragedy.  Nikki has appeared on Cam and Company and with my good friends at Buckeye Firearms Association.  She has also appeared on the BBC.  Nikki joined Armed American Radio to help get the word out on why this happened and what can be done to stop similar tragedies in the future.  

Pay attention to this.

8/02/2009 AAR Broadcast

First of all I would like to mention that there were some minor tech issues live during the program that caused some echo and if you picked us up live in Atlanta or Reno, you missed the first two minutes due to a switch problem.  That has been eliminated here and you get the full show however you will hear some of what I hear in my ear during the show as some of the production conversation was picked up due to a local station problem that went uncorrected.  It’s actually kinda cool and in fact I have the unedited disk which includes the discussions between myself and the producers during the breaks and will more than likely be putting it up here as a second podcast so you can hear what happens behind the scenes.  Very cool stuff.  The content of the program went unhindered except you hear what I hear in my head when the man behind the curtain talks to me.  Enjoy the program!  AAR naked!

Mr. Dick Heller of Heller vs. DC and Mr. Dane vonBreichenruchardt, President of the US Bill of Rights Foundation joined me for the full hour.  Both men were to be joining me live on stage in Atlanta at the first annual Georgia Carry convention Saturday 8-1-2009 to speak about the state of our gun rights nationwide as new cases wind their way through the court systems in the wake of the Heller decision.  Unfortunately for those attending the convention, both men were unable to appear due to cancelled flights. 

On the flip side and in place of the gathering in Atlanta, Dane and Dick were here to discuss these very important issues right here on Armed American Radio.

Mr. Heller and Mr. vonBreichenruchardt have appeared on this program before and the conversation is nothing short of fascinating.  Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to a true American patriot who has sacrificed so much of his personal life for YOU.  Halfway into their second decade of fighting the anti-freedom forces who would take away our gun rights, these two men have committed their lives for OUR rights and freedoms.  Every week brings something new to the table and both men are looking forward to talking with all of us.