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7-26-2009 AAR Broadcast

My guests included Ms. Kathy Jackson who made her third appearance on Armed American Radio to comment on an email received by AAR from one of America’s heroes fighting in Iraq who commented on her website

In addition to Kathy, Mr Bill Oliver joined me to discuss his column Shadow Figures which appeared in Concealed Carry Magazine.  Mr. Oliver spent the last 20 years as a forensic psychologist inside the California Penal System including Pelican Bay Supermax prison where he had the incredible and unique experience of working with and evaluating some of the nations most notorius criminals including Charles Manson.  Bill shared his many years of experience interviewing and working with these violent predators and helped us look for signs of impending attack as well as explaining the inner workings of the minds of psychopaths that would do us harm on the streets.

This is frightening but necessary information ALL of us need to be on the look out for as Bill explained to us what these predators among us learn while incarcerated and bring back to the streets when they are released to walk amongst us.  These people are why you carry a gun and who you hope never to have not just a violent encounter with but ANY encounter with.  Don’t miss this weeks frightening and fascinating program!

Enjoy the broadcast!

7-19-2009 AAR Broadcast

Joining me tonight was noted author Skip Coryell who discussed his latest work Blood in The Streets and just about everything else we could cram in to the hour.  A great guest, Skip has authored 6 books and his newest release of Blood in The Streets is one heck of a read.  Great stuff…I poured through it and read it in one sitting before his appearance on the show and I highly recommend you pick it up yourself.  

At the second half of the hour we received a call from Mr. Jerry Evans, the owner of Evans Broadcasting who owns the station with Nevadatude KKTF 99.1 FM Talk, our newest affiliate in Reno, Carson City and Sparks, Nevada.  Jerry had sent me a letter earlier in the weekend from the NRA regarding their position on Harry Reid.  He made his point very clear and I think you’ll enjoy listening to a Nevada resident and business owner give his opinion on the support the NRA is throwing at Mr. Reid. 

I would like to apologize for those listeners that emailed the program live.  I was unable to pull the emails up due to a password protected studio computer.  I was able to correct the problem during the broadcast but not fast enough to get to your emails on the air.  I’ll answer each one personally and promise we won’t have the same problem next week. 

Enjoy the broadcast!

7-12-2009 AAR Broadcast

Pastor Ken Pagano joined me for the first half of the show tonight to discuss his open carry event at his New Bethel Church in Louisville KY that drew media attention from around the world.  An incredible man who took the right to keep and bear arms to his flock with an overwhelming positive response from his congregation.

Dr. Bruce Eimer took the second half of the program to discuss the criminal mindset and how you can use knowledge to your advantage to avoid a violent criminal attack.  Bruce made his second appearance and together these two men made the one hour seem to fly right by.  Enjoy listening to AAR’s first nationally syndicated radio show!