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Mark's Daily Devotional

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That’s a pretty important word if you’re someone who has decided to own a firearm for personal defense. I don’t think any sensible person would argue that being a gun owner doesn’t require you to be held to a higher standard. Make sure to obey the four rules of firearm safety, for example, and keeping your gun out of the hands of unauthorized users — specifically kids — is your responsibility, etc. But there is another responsibility that comes with being a gun owner. I believe that as a gun owner, you also have the responsibility and obligation to carry your gun wherever you are. Your safety, the safety of your loved ones, the safety of your community and it could be argued the safety of your country depends on it.

You are the first responder at the moment of truth. For the most part, a violent crime against yourself, a loved one, an attack on your community or even a terrorist attack will see you at the scene before any law enforcement response. You’ll never hear this from the freedom-hating, Democratic gun-hater-in-chief, but the mere fact that the FBI has cancelled any and all vacations and leaves over the 4th of July holiday weekend and is setting up “command posts” around the nation tells me something is up. As an American gun owner, you might very well be the first line of defense should there be an attack against our nation.

Of course, we could always lay down in the street like that unarmed French police officer and beg for mercy. How did that work out?

Don’t let there be a “gun-free zone” anywhere you are.


Mark Walters


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Gun in hip-pack.

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