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Mark's Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional


On last night’s AAR national broadcast, I played a clip from a C-Span segment of Ted Alcorn, a lackey of gun-hating former NYC mayor and nanny state billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Alcorn claims to be the “Research Director” for Everytown for Gun Safety. This guy is a real piece of work.

What makes this clip so fascinating is the backstory.

You see, this little weasel appeared on the same program as Dr. John Lott, the New York Times best-selling author, famed economist, Fox News contributor and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center. The problem for Alcorn is that he refused to join Lott on air and the Everytown losers would only put up “their guy” after Lott appeared. Alcorn was challenged on that decision by a caller and his answer is classic. It seems they don’t like being in the kitchen with the head chef. I played that clip once per hour, and I will be playing it again today on the Daily Defense show. This piece is so telling about how these freedom-haters run their mouths incessantly, yet when their lies are challenged, they run and hide. Trust me when I tell you that Lott has forgotten more about this subject since he went to bed last night than this Bloomberg shill has ever known in his lifetime about much of anything.

Here’s the bottom line: We are winning. These clowns hang their hats on some trumped up and phony Facebook group while spending someone else’s millions telling lies to whoever will listen in the lame-stream media.

The second amendment is NOT open for debate on AAR. We’re not the ones with the problem; they are. And it’s clips like this that drive home the fact that freedom will always prevail.

To view the clip, please head over to my AAR Facebook page and enjoy!

I’ll see you on the radio!


Mark Walters


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