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Well it appears as though DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier’s statements to 60 Minutes have raised some eyebrows.  I found myself in the unique position of being the first national radio show to be able to comment live on the air within minutes of her telling the world that people should be prepared to “take down” the terrorists during an attack. Of course Anderson Cooper didn’t ask her exactly how citizens would do that, since she is personally responsible for keeping the vast majority of the citizens of Washington, D.C. unarmed.


Cooper likely asked her that question and, for whatever reason, it wound up on the cutting room floor.  Let’s play with that for a moment. If she suggested citizens be armed, she would have to explain why she has granted only 48 CCW permits. (Wouldn’t you love to see the names on that list?) So my guess is she wouldn’t go down that road and open herself up to that blitzkrieg.


The other option is that her answer was so stupid that 60 Minutes dared not air it and remained silent hoping the uproar over the exposed hypocrisy would just go away. The uproar won’t go away, because any suggestion she may have made other than carrying and using a gun to stop a terror attack in progress isn’t even plausible…even 60 Minutes knows it. They know it…and we won’t ever let them forget it.

You see, when the unAmericans come clean, even by accident as Cathy Lanier did, they expose themselves as the hypocrites and liars they are. Everyone, and I mean everyone —   including the liberal Democrat, socialist, elite — knows the only way to do what Cathy Lanier suggested we do, is to have, and use, a firearm.  Their hatred of guns runs so deep that even when they suggest using a gun, they can’t bring themselves to actually “say” people should have guns. To do so would admit that Wayne LaPierre is right.  The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.



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