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Mark's Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional



So a lot of wierd stuff is going through my mind today, like Aaron Hernandez. I see a story about this murdering loser who was recently sentenced to life behind bars without parole joining the Bloods in prison. The media seems shocked as if it’s somehow some kind of a story. What else do they expect a lifer to do? Why is it even being printed? The man is a killer. I hope he rots where he sits.  So why am I even bothering mentioning this punk? I guess just because it’s people like this who have hardened me. I don’t care about them. I mean I really don’t care whether this loser lives or dies. I have no problem with feeling that way and harbor absolutely no guilt over it. I won’t pray for his soul. On the heels of the murder of the Omaha police officer yesterday and my overall general hardened attitudes toward people whose disregard for others’ lives leads them to commit atrocious crimes, I simply have no sympathy whatsoever for these criminals.

So what does that say about me?

Happy Memorial Day weekend.  Remember why you’re off and I’ll see you on the radio.

Grill hard!

Mark Walters


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Gun in hip-pack.

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