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Last night, I attended an Active Shooter seminar put on by my local small-town police department. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I gotta tell you, it was extremely well done. Keep in mind, I live in a largely rural county in the Deep South and the attendees reflected the demographics of this area … and that included the department officials putting on the program. The police officers are all extremely pro-gun, pro-civilian carry and, in fact, encouraged the attendees to take advantage of our 2nd  Amendment rights.


Interestingly, the opening remarks were given in conjunction with a graphic display of various weapons and informing the crowd that the actions of killers are not borne out of the existence of weapons but of EVIL. The officer then continued to give the packed room examples of mass killings from 1927 along with statistics that we use here on AAR, including such things as more people are killed by knives in the U.S. every year than ALL types of rifles combined, including those “demonic, possessed, evil, black rifles.” (Actual comments from the presenter)


One thing is certain: I’m sure the cops who put this on here in the Deep South presented it much differently than cops in Chicago, Boston or any other large Democrat-controlled urban cesspool would have. When asked how many of the attendees carried guns for self-defense, the majority of us in the room raised our hands.


I’ll be discussing the seminar on today’s Daily Defense and again on Sunday’s monster broadcast for a much wider audience.



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