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All I can say here is if you’re still shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods, willfully handing your money to an organization whose CEO openly hates you and has blamed YOU for the actions of murderers, you’re just plain nuts. Seriously, CEO Ed Stack has taken it upon himself to blame the entire shooting community by removing legal firearms — used by tens of millions of Americans every day — from his chain of stores and wiped out the rights of adults under 21 to buy any firearm. The reaction from our community was swift and continues to harm his store operations.

You gotta wonder why certain people do the things they do, but hey, he has every right to destroy his business and its reputation. Here’s my prediction: There aren’t enough soy-sippin’, skinny-jean-wearing, urban liberals on the planet to buy enough sporting good equipment to make up the difference.

Way to go, Dick!


Oh, as promised, here’s the smoked creamed corn recipe from Texas BBQ Rub-Use promo code AAR and get 15% off at www.TexasBBQrub.com:

2-1 lb bags of frozen whole kernel corn

1 stick salted butter

8 oz pkg cream cheese

1/4 cup TX BBQ Rub Original, or Grand Champion BBQ rub (A MUST HAVE)

(Visit www.TexasBBQRub.com and use promo code AAR for 15% off!)

1 can Rotel, drained

2 TBSP Parmesan Cheese

8 oz bag of shredded cheese (cheddar, Mexican, or Colby jack blend)


Soften butter and cream cheese in a large bowl

Add can of drained Rotel (mild or hot)

Add parmesan

Add 1/2 cup of shredded cheese (4 oz)

Add TX BBQ Rub

Mix well until blended and smooth

Add the corn kernels (frozen is fine, do not have to thaw)

Mix well until even

Add mixture to aluminum pan


Place on the smoker for a couple of hours at about 225-275 degrees stirring every 30 minutes. Once corn mixture is hot, pour remaining shredded cheese on top and cook until bubbly.


O-M-G, Be prepared for your mother-in-law to want to move in.


Mark Walters


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