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Mark's Daily Devotional

I am pleased to announce that the new AAR Daily Defense show is in full swing and moving along nicely!  It really is nice to be able to bring current events in real time and loosen up somewhat rather than having to rush all over the place to find the time to knock out everything we would like to but never had time for, in the three hour show.  Now we can do both!

This week we are back from the NRA annual meetings in Nashville and a great time was had by all.  I hope you were there but I gotta tell you, as much fun as the NRAAM is every year, it really needs to be bigger!  5 million members can only bring out 80,000 members to the meetings?  Not that it isn’t an impressive figure, I mean the gun-control Jihadi’s wet their pants at the thought of having 150 whole demonstrators in the same town as an NRA convention…and they call it a win!  Ha!  It truly is yet another sign that we are on the right side of this and well, they’re just not!

Make sure to get off of your duff and follow me over at Twitter @aarradio and stay informed!  We have huge plans not only for AAR and the AAR Daily Defense program but for USCCA, Crossbreed Holsters and many others that involve YOU and trust me, it’s all good!  We do though, NEED YOUR HELP!  Come on, get up and follow us over there.

Thanks for all of your support here at AAR and make sure to spread the word about this huge program and its growth.  I promise, we couldn’t have done it without you.  To all of you who came by the Crossbreed booth and the USCCA booth to say hello, let me just say that it’s an honor and a privilege to meet each of you!  Thank you for your kind words and support.  Now get off your duffs and follow us over at twitter and Facebook!

Mark Walters


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